Technical Support

We are committed to ensuring that your experience using Amano's security products is inspiring. Our dedicated support offices are available to offer both sales and technical support to our certified and  trained dealer network.

General Support Hours

Monday-Friday 8:15am to 5:00PM Eastern Time.
Phone (within the USA): (800) 390 5837
Phone: (727) 786 1900

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Before you me

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Take a look at our downloads section to see if you can find the manual on your product.  Most support issues can be avoided by retracing your steps in the manual. Please have the following information ready and available when you call in for support.  This will expedite your experience.

  • Your Company Name and Location (City, State)
  • Client Site you are calling from
  • Your call back number in case we get disconnected
  • Are you an active authorized Amano dealer?
  • Type of system you are working on (AmanoNet, Nexus220, NexusLite, etc)
  • Number of controllers, readers and their type. (e.g. three 400i controllers, 12 iTRT's, 16 WMK readers)
  • Type of comms between all units including Host PC (RS485, Ethernet, Serial, etc)
  • Type of wiring used between all units
  • Complete description of the problem
  • What steps have tried so far to resolve the issue?

Remote Support

Remote Support

Have an issue that requires us to login to your system?  Amano Technicians use TeamViewer.  Click here to get started!


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