Multi-Technology Readers

Amano’s new generation multi technology reader, MDR, is transforming the future of reader technology by allowing simultaneous support for standard proximity cards and the new contactless smart cards. The MDR reader provides the customer the benefit of supporting these dual frequencies (125 kHz and 13.56 MHz) on the same system without having to replace entire system or card base.

  • Support for both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz Tag types
    • 125 kHz EM Marin cards
    • 125 kHz Amano proprietary cards
    • HID 125 kHz cards
    • 125 kHz Read / Write cards
    • HID iClass cards
    • Phillips Mifare cards
    • Phillips Desfire cards
    • Sony Felica cards
  • Available in keypad and non-keypad styles
  • Compatible with 3rd part systems via Wiegand 26/44 bit
  • Stainless steel cover, fully potted and vandal resistant


MDR/MDK Sell Sheet