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Where can I download Amano software and documentation?

You can download all of our latest software in the download center.

Which Amano DVMS Ports need to be open on my firewall?

It is recommended that you isolate the camera and viewing networks by way of seperating them physically or logically, via a VLAN.  You must open the following ports on your network for the system to function properly:

System Ports:

In all AmanoDVMS installations, the following TCP ports must be open on all servers for the applications and servers to function correctly:

Port 5008

For signaling between SMServer and client applications, and inbound communications from clients to the SMServer
Port rule: open inbound

Port 5009

For remote connecting between DVRServer and client applications, and signaling between SMServer and DVRServer for time synchronization, setting changes, event information, etc.
Port rule: open inbound

Port 5010

For Watchdog monitoring communication between WDServer, client applications and DVRServer
Port rule: open inbound

Port 5011

For streaming between the Streaming Service and client applications
Port rule: open inbound

WebClient, Spotter Mobile and GatewayServer specific ports:

Ports 9000 and 9999

Between WebClient / Spotter Mobile and GatewayServer.
Port rule: open inbound

Agile Virtual Matrix specific ports

Port 8084

Between SMServer and the Spotter for Windows client
Port rule: open inbound

Cameras can use the following ports in their operation:

HTTP Port 80

Default port for HTTP traffic, used by some cameras for communications

HTTP Port 8080

Used by some cameras for PTZ control communications

HTTPS Port 443

Default port for HTTPS traffic, used to securely communicate with a camera’s system

RTSP Port 554

Default port used on the VMS to traffic stream control signals

RTSP port 7070

Default stream control port for some camera drivers

UDP Ports 3556-4556

Used on the VMS to receive feeds from the cameras. Each video stream occupies two sequential ports in the port range.

The Nexus220 software will not open, what steps should I take next?
  • Ensure you are running the correct software; Nexus220 vs. Nexus220 Client.  The client must only be used when connecting ot an already running Nexus220 base application.
  • Make sure you are entering the username and password correctly.  Don’t forget to check the CAPSLOCK key.
  • Check that the database path is correct. The Database cannot reside on a shared folder on another PC, use the full server name and local path on the remote PC.
  • If you have an RS and/or MDE installed with the licensing for your system, make sure of the following:
    • COM ports for the USB devices are not higher than COM16.
    • RS port must be lower than the MDE port used.
    • Correct drivers are installed.  (Windows 10 like to try and override with a generic USB device, change this to the proper driver)
  • Make sure Firebird is running.
  • Check that the correct version of Firebird is installed (v2.1).  This version is part of the installation package.
  • Make sure the Firebird port number is correct (3050) if you are connecting a port number other than port 3050, append a colon to the server name (i.e. localhost:3055.)
Web Reports will not open.
  1. Check that the Windows Firewall is not blocking Web Reports connection.
  2. Make sure that IIS (Internet Information services) is disabled for Windows XP and Vista.
  3. In ‘Control Panel’, check that Firebird is installed and running.
  4. Make sure the port for Web Reports is not being blocked by other programs such as Skype or MSN.
  5. You can change the port that is being used in the Nexus220 software by clicking on File > Preference and choosing a new port number. NOTE: You must restart the software for these changes to take effect.
When in I/O Control, I setup an Input to trigger a Relay on the Nexus220 Controller, but when the Input is triggered, the relay does not drive.

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

I am unable to read a tag when enrolling someone.

If you are using a Registration reader, make sure that it has been enabled in the software in the advanced configuration.
Check the DIP switches on the Registration Interface if using the 3rd Party Port on the RS (ISW903).
If you are not using a registration reader, check to see that the correct reader (Entry/Exit) has been selected in the advanced configuration on the Tagholder enrolment screen. Make sure you hold the tag in front of the reader long enough for the reader to read the tag. Occasionally you may need to click “read tag” before you present the tag to the reader.

Is it possible to AutoID a controller without doing an AutoID to the whole site?

It is possible to AutoID a single controller by clicking on the ADVANCED button in the ENGINE and type: start autoid xx (xx is the decimal number of the controllers LA) and the engine will AutoID only the controller you have specified.

I am unable to open the engine – it keeps bringing back the username and password dialogue.

Make sure the Firebird/MSSQL service is started.
Make sure you are typing the correct username and password into the dialogue.
Check that the engine.properties files contain the correct URL to the database.
It is possible that the database maybe corrupt. If you have no recent backups of the database then you will need to get the database repaired. Contact 800-390-5837 for assistance.

The transaction viewer reports a lot of time-outs on specific terminals.

It is possible that you do not have sufficient power to the unit or the current is not sufficient. This occurs when a strike lock or mag lock is connected to the same power source and when a relay is activated, the lock draws too much current thus resetting the unit.

It is also possible that you do not have back EMF protection (MOVs) installed on the locks and the units are being reset. Refer to the hardware manuals for instructions on installing back EMF protection.

Another possibility is that certain sites where transmission lines are long or multiple star formations are used, may experience “time-outs” on certain Amano controllers or terminals. These are caused by reflections on the RS485 lines. To solve the problem it may be necessary to terminate the lines. It is always best to contact support at 800-390-5837 before trying this option.

When I click “Read Tag”, the software “hangs” for about 30 seconds and gives me a tag code of ‘0’ or a blank tag code field.

Check to see if the registration reader (Amano RS/RH/RR/RM) drivers are installed properly.
Make sure the tag is being presented long enough for the registration reader to read the tag.
Make sure there is only one Amano USB device plugged into the computer. Occasionally, 2 Amano USB devices conflict with each other.
Make sure the correct tag type is used for the reader. If it is, try a different tag in case the tag is faulty.

What are the cable requirements for Amano hardware?

Controller to Terminal: West Penn 77291 or equivalent
Terminal to Remote Reader: West Penn D3651 or equivalent
Terminal to Antenna Reader: West Penn D3653 or equivalent
Terminal to Wiegand Reader: West Penn 3271 or equivalent
Power: West Penn 244 or equivalent


Can I communicate to different Nexus220 controllers on different communication protocols at the same time?


Yes. The software can communicate to controllers via RS232,RS485,USB and Ethernet controllers at the same time. (Note: this applies to multiple controllers and not a single controller).

Can the Nexus220 Software Suite be installed on Linux Platforms?

No, the Nexus220 software suite is not designed to be installed on Linux.

Can the web QuickTag feature enroll Biometric templates?

Unfortunately not. The web enrollment feature was only designed to add tags and PACs (Personal access codes) only.

What ports do I need open for my Amano access control software?

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