Biometric Solutions

Amano has partnered with IDEMIA, the global market leader in biometric readers, to provide a fully integrated biometric solution for access control. 

Formerly known as MorphoTrak, IDEMIA manufactures biometric solutions that are ranked #1 worldwide for enrollment and matching accuracy by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). The result of 40 years’ experience in identity management, IDEMIA technology is used by more than 450 government agencies in over 100 countries, including the FBI and Interpol. IDEMIA readers manage over 3 billion fingerprints worldwide, providing the most trusted solution when it comes to biometrics.

Amano’s biometric integration, which includes central enrollment of fingerprints and intelligent distribution of templates to readers, resides in our Nexus220 and AmanoNet access control systems. This allows for 100% identification of every user in the access control system and guarantees that only those with the valid credentials get access to the locations controlled by IDEMIA biometric readers. Further, AmanoNet supports the government-issued TWIC credential authentication on the IDEMIA biometric readers for Maritime applications.

Amano Biometric Integration

  • Central Enrollment of Fingerprints
  • Intelligent Distribution of Templates to Readers
  • Full Integration to Nexus220 and AmanoNet
  • TWIC Integrated Readers and Software

Amano Biometric Brochure
Amano TWIC Brochure