Video Analytics

VCA-Screen-ShotAmano’s embedded intelligent Video Analytics software is fast becoming the standard for all surveillance and security systems. When combined with Amano’s range of IP standard, Megapixel and HD cameras, IP encoders and compression cards Video Analytics provides the most comprehensive surveillance coverage to address today’s increasing security needs.

The system adds tangible value to surveillance systems in a simple and cost effective manner through use of its powerful intuitive tracking engine.

Video Analytics Brochure

Video Analytics Feature Matrix


  • Tracks up to 100 targets simultaneously.
  • Up to 40 general purpose, user-defined, polygonal detection zones .
  • Camera shake cancellation – tracker works even if the camera is on a swaying pole.
  • Tracks objects when they stop or move very slowly.
  • Continues to track objects which pass each other, ensuring that the trail is unbroken.
  • Continues tracking when objects are partially or completely obscured temporarily.
  • Adjusts to image degradation caused by rain, fog, dirty camera lens and low sun position.
  •  Ignores changes in light due to clouds, artificial light variation or auto-iris operation.
  • Ignores repetitive movement – waving trees, rippling water.
  • Ignores cloud shadows passing across the ground.
  • Ignores video interference and missing video frames.
  • Does not trigger false alarms from PTZ camera movement.
  • Tracks objects on 100% of screen area. (except in any non-detection zones)
  • Includes on-screen Annotation Metadata – draws drawing bounding boxes and object trails.
  • Highlights alarmed and non-alarmed objects in different colors.