Amano InView

InView-Screen-Shot-perspectiveAmano InView for Windows is a next generation user client for viewing and exporting real-time and playback video. Fully compatible with all Amano DVMS systems of any scale, InView for Windows is perfect for any use requiring flexibility, speed, and easy usability. Its intuitive search tools make it easy to find and export clips and images from any point of time extremely fast, and its flexibility makes it perfect for small installations as well as large sites requiring complex, multi-windowed applications.

Intuitive Interface

The main strength of Amano InView for Windows is in its intuitive, easy-to-use approach, which provides a fast and light user experience that allows users to learn its full controls quickly and without any hassle.

Users can open cameras on the work area with a click of the mouse, drag them to rearrange the view, or drag them out of the application to create new windows.  InView’s intuitive tab design allows users to create tabs for relevant camera groups, and tabs themselves can be dragged off the view to create new windows.

Multi-Window, Multi-Monitor Support

Amano InView for Windows supports multiple monitors inherently, allowing the users to create “video wall” type installations easily. New windows can be created with aclick of the mouse, allowing each monitor to have a separate InView window, each with separate cameras displayed. Separate windows can be used for real-time viewing and playback, and some windows may be assigned to maximized presentation while others are used compactly. There are practically no limits to user customization.

All user specific layouts (including opened windows, window specific layouts, etc.) are saved with the user’s profile information and are reloaded on logon; with multiple users, multiple layouts can be saved.

Fast Search And Export Tools

Amano InView for Windows offers the most intuitive search and export tools on the market. The users can pick points of time from a time slider, calendar, or activity log, and move across the recordings with an adjustable playback slider or quick buttons. Video can be exported intuitively by selecting start and end points through the time slider. The video export process can be run on the background without any interruptions to real-time or playback viewing.