When working with our NexusLite product, make sure you have the latest firmware installed.  You can check in the downloads section to see the current released version.

If you open the NexusLite control panel via your web browser and are prompted with a security message like the one below, then you will need to add a site exception for Java to bypass security, or lower your security settings in Java to allow for the NexusLite program to run.


This is a new security warning from Java 7 Update 51.
By default, the security settings are set to high.

To lower the settings, you will need to open the Java configuration panel and click the security tab.  (For detailed instructions on finding your Java Control panel, click here.)

Click on the security tab

Click Edit Site List...

Then add the site http://nexuslite to the list.  If you are using another DNS name other than nexuslite, or are using an IP address, make sure to use your information instead.

Add site excepton to list