Amano DVMS 6.2 has been released and is available in our downloads section of the website or by clicking the link below.


  • New Client viewing application : Amano InView
  • Windows 8 & Server 2012 support
  • Advanced memory management with 64bit OS support
  • Multi-monitor use: InView for Windows supports up to four monitors.
  • Virtual Cameras: Create views from megapixel cameras in InView
  • Hybrid licensing: Unique hybrid camera license allows migration between analogue and network cameras
  • Centralized software update: Centralized software update allows an administrator to automatically distribute and install new versions of the  software from a centralized management/master server to all connected slave servers
  • Multi-streaming: Multi-streaming enables separate feeds from a single camera

Note: Upgrade from Version 4 or Version 5 requires purchase of software maintenance agreement.

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